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European Dialogue was a London-based NGO which worked across Europe to promote equality and social integration for excluded communities and vulnerable minorities (especially Roma communities).

European Dialogue was founded in 1990, and developed out of the work of its predecessor organisation European Nuclear Disarmament which actively campaigned across Europe, east and west, during the 1980s for peace, democracy and human rights, and an end to the Cold War.

During the 1990s and 2000s, European Dialogue developed and implemented a wide range of programmes and projects, with both UK and international funding, and with a variety of local, national and international partners.

European Dialogue ceased operation in 2009. This website preserves and makes available information about the work of European Dialogue, and also the principal reports and other documents which it produced.

Further information about the work of European Dialogue may be obtained from Jeanette Buirski (former Executive Director) at, or Dr Robin Oakley (former Programme Consultant) at

European Dialogue: A short history 'written by Jeanette Buirski and Dr. Robin Oakley' can be downloaded here European Dialogue: A Short History (PDF file 315kb)