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Past Projects

Below are activities undertaken by European Dialogue from 1992. Read more

2000 to present Support for the Citizens’ Pact for South Eastern Europe, a civic alternative to the Stability Pact.

1999 Series of public meetings calling for humanitarian intervention in Kosovo.

1998 Bosnian Women’s political study tour to the UK.

1998 UK study visit for Odgovor, a humanitarian aid and information centre in Serbia, to meet with human rights NGOs.

1997 UK study visit for the Agency for Development Initiatives, Slovenia. Participated in a residential training course on participatory planning in local communities, and visited the Body Shop to learn about their approach to corporate responsibility.

1996 UK study visit for the Tuzla Association for Local Development Initiatives to learn about management and financial planning; information technology; how to build partnerships with development agencies, small-medium businesses and community initiatives; and how to access EU and other sources of funding.

1996 Visit by British parliamentarians and journalists to five cities in Bosnia prior to the first post war elections.  Provided training to non-nationalist and opposition parties in political campaigning and fundraising.

1995 to present Co-operation with the Agency for Development Initiatives to develop and support the NGO sector in Slovenia. Assisted with producing a directory of NGOs in Slovenia.

1995 UK study visit for Job 22, a free legal advice service in Sarajevo, to learn about human rights law and the provision of free legal advice.

1995 UK study visit for the Mayor of Tuzla to visit governmental and non-governmental organisations.

1995 Delegation to the UK of political opposition parties in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

1993 Coalition for Peace in Bosnia demonstration in Trafalgar Square, London.

1993 The Last Chance Appeal to end the siege of Sarajevo.

1993 Open Cities Campaign to restore a multi-ethnic society in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

1993 Fresh Start project to deliver school starter packs to children starting the new school year in central Bosnian schools.

1993 Blankets for Bosnia.

1992 Safe Havens Campaign.

1992 Citizens’ and Municipal Peace Conference – Ohrid, Macedonia.