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Access to Justice in Turkey (2005 - 2006)

Project Achievements

The project embraced a wide section of stakeholder groups, which by itself shows the progress that has been achieved in human rights reforms in Turkey. We believe that this project has helped build bridges and has shown the value of partnerships.

Bosphorous University played a key role in involving the Ministries of Justice and the Interior in the project.  Without its ownership by a longstanding institution like Bosphorous University, the ministries would not have been so enthusiastic to be involved in a training project.

The UK study visit was a major contribution of this project. It showed that many of the Turkish professionals were not behind their colleagues in the UK in terms of their knowledge of human rights law and rules of implementation, though indicated that Turkey experiences some prevailing administrative and legislative problems.

The UK study visit was important for participants to observe at first hand that even in a country which is considered to be the cradle of democracy, the training of professionals is a continuous process in order not to fall behind changing circumstances.

In addition to that, many participants expressed the view that there may be human rights violations in the UK but that the system is there to make corrections rapidly; whereas in Turkey the system of human rights in policing and in the judiciary needs to be strengthened.

The participants in an overwhelming majority emphasised two major expectations for future human rights trainings:

1)      Higher level judges must join the training seminars;

2)      Dialogue with other stakeholders must be maintained on a continuous basis.

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