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Turkish lawyers visiting the Royal Courts
of Justice, London

Access to Justice in Turkey (2005 - 2006)

European Dialogue worked in partnership with Bosphorus University in Istanbul to address the challenges and opportunities for Turkey, posed by a future EU accession. This project aimed :

  • To raise awareness about human rights and their institutional implementation within the various judiciary sectors;
  • To assist and support recent institutional reforms in Turkey to make the criminal justice system more accountable;
  • To improve the legal literacy of civil society actors – the active participation of civil society is a key factor in the delivery of justice and equality.     

European Dialogue offered an exchange of experience with similar institutions in the UK, and models based on good policy and practice in the UK for delivering justice which might be adapted to the Turkish situation. It was realised that it requires more than simply the training of judiciary. 

From British experience, what is needed is a much more inclusive approach, bringing together the various sectors - judiciary, legal profession, prosecutors, police, ministries, national and local government, and last but certainly not least, the civic sector, to work towards a common goal.