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Roma children from Sofia, Bulgaria

TRAILER project

The Roma Rights programme aimed to combat discrimination, promote equality of opportunity, and to support initiatives which empowered the Roma community to participate equally in civic and political life.

Working in partnership with Roma NGOs mainly from Central and Eastern Europe, European Dialogue facilitated an exchange of experience in community empowerment, NGO capacity building, and partnership building between local government and the NGO sector to combat social exclusion and discrimination against Roma.

The Roma Rights and Access to Justice in Europe Programme, RrAJE (2001-2004) promoted Roma empowerment by developing partnerships between Roma NGOs and local government and integrated strategies to combat discrimination and social exclusion. For further information download the report, Promoting Roma Integration at the Local Level: practical guidance for NGOs and public authorities.

Building upon the success of this programme, European Dialogue developed a number of Roma rights projects in partnership with Roma NGOs. These projects addressed policing and criminal justice, education, and the implementation of anti-discrimination legislation.