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Past projects

2000 - 2004 The Roma Rights and Access to Justice in Europe Programme (RrAJE) promoted Roma empowerment by developing partnerships between Roma NGOs and local government and integrated strategies to combat discrimination and social exclusion. For further information download the pdf file (1.1 MB) Promoting Roma Integration at the Local Level: practical guidance for NGOs and public authorities.

2003-2005 The UK All Party Parliamentary Group on Roma Affairs was launched in February 2003 by European Dialogue, Save the Children Fund UK and the former member of Parliament Paul Stinchcombe. The group monitored and informed Parliament about the situation of Roma, primarily in Central and Eastern Europe. Unfortunately due to Paul Stinchcombe losing his parliamentary seat in 2005 the group was disbanded.

2002-2003 Video Diaries project was a Roma exchange project or Roma/Travellers from Bulgaria and the UK to share experiences of Roma/Traveller culture and to learn about video production.

1999 Roma/police relations workshop (Turvey, UK) to exchange experiences of best policy and practice in policing ethnic minorities in CEE and the UK. Read more.

1998 Roma education seminar (Peterborough, UK) to exchange experiences of best policy and practice in education for Roma/Travellers in CEE and the UK.

1997 Roma fact-finding mission to Dover and Calais to assess the situation of Roma asylum seekers from the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

1996 UK study visit for a Roma activist from the Czech Republic to meet with the Chair of the House of Commons Czech Group, campaigning and lobbying groups, and organisations involved in Roma issues.

1994/95 Developed links with hCa Roma section in Brno, Czech Republic, to support their work with Roma.