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Combating discrimination and social exclusion

TRAILER Project (2004-2006)

The TRAILER project - Traveller and Roma Action for the Implementation of Legal and Equality Rights was among a number of projects which were funded by the EU Community Action Programme to Combat Discrimination (2000-2006) to improve the implementation of national anti-discrimination legislation vis-à-vis the EU equality directives.

European Dialogue brought together human rights/anti-racist organisations from five European countries, all at different stages of implementing national anti-discrimination legislation, with the aim to improve access to justice and to promote social inclusion for Roma, Romany Gypsies and Travellers.

The project included a diverse range of interrelated activities which responded to the local needs of Roma, Romany Gypsies and Travellers, and the state of play of national anti-discrimination legislation.

  • Trainings and seminars
  • Monitoring and documentation
  • Legal assistance
  • Litigation
  • Transnational study visits
  • Training manuals
  • Know your rights leaflets
  • Local action plans

To read more about the achievements of the project, and the TRAILER team's recommendations to support NGOs in their work to combat discrimination against Roma, Romany Gypsies and Travellers, download the final project report (560kb)

Within the national activities the partners produced a variety of leaflets/brochures and practice manuals to inform Roma, Romany Gypsies and Travellers about their rights and to provide guidance to NGOS, legal practitioners and service providers on the provisions of national anti-discrimination legislation vis-à-vis the EU equality directives; international standards on non-discrimination; and how to use the law to combat discrimination.

Bulgaria: Enforcement of the Proctection Against Discrimination Act - A Responsiblity of Society and the Protected Groups - Judical Practice on the Act
Bulgarian version Main body only. For annexes please contact Romani Baht office@romanibaht.com
English summary

Ireland: The Role of Postive Action in Pursuing Traveller and Roma Employment Equality

Romania: You have the right not to be discriminated against
Romanian version
English version

Slovakia: Non-discrimination and human rights practice manuals available in Slovak for free from Poradna - The Centre for Civil and Human Rights

UK: Every Traveller Child Matters booklet