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Building human rights and social justice through community engagement

Our Mission

European Dialogue works at local, national and international levels within the wider Europe to promote equality and social integration for excluded communities and vulnerable minorities.

We work to engage and support excluded communities and vulnerable minorities in their struggle to combat discrimination and racism, in the interests of human rights, equality and diversity.

European Dialogue is a British based, not for profit organisation which works with international partners to engage and support excluded communities and vulnerable minorities in their struggle to combat discrimination, racism and intolerance, and to promote democracy and human rights, social cohesion and safe communities.

European Dialogue pilots innovative models of good practice, working with local, national and international experience and participation, on the implementation of national social inclusion policies at the local level across Europe.

Promoting minority integration at the local level addressing service delivery in all policy areas

Promoting access to justice to legal rights and criminal justice at all levels of the criminal justice system

Promoting equal access to inclusive education to ensure equal life chances for minorities

Strategies for combating discrimination and implementation of anti-discrimination law

Download European Dialogue's Strategy 2007 - 2010 (PDF file 256kb)



European Dialogue was launched in 1990, with the support of Charter 88 and Liberty, as an independent, not-for-profit organisation to promote peace, democracy, social justice and environmental responsibility in a united Europe.

European Dialogue developed out of the work of European Nuclear Disarmament (1980-1990) which helped to establish a network of opposition groups in Central and Eastern Europe and the non-aligned peace and democracy movements in Western Europe and North America (the OSCE countries).

European Dialogue is a founding member of the pan-European Helsinki Citizens Assembly (hCa) network, a rich resource in terms of like-minded NGOs and individuals; many of whom we are still working with today.

European Dialogue: A Short History (PDF file 315kb)


European Dialogue works in partnership with a range of civil society organisations to facilitate the exchange of good policy and practice from the UK and elsewhere in human rights, race equality, conflict resolution, community development and democratic institution building. 

Bulgaria  The Romany Baht Foundation (Sofia) and Roma Lom Foundation (Lom) 

Ireland Pavee Point (Dublin) 

Romania Romani CRISS (Bucharest) 

Russia The Centre for Interethnic Cooperation (Moscow) and Roma Ural (Ekaterinburg) 

Slovakia Poradna – The Centre for Civil and Human Rights (Kosice) 

Turkey  Bosphorus University (Istanbul) 

UK Racial Equality Councils (Devon, Greenwich and Reading) and East Anglian Gypsy Council (Peterborough)

Staff (at 2007)

Jeanette Buirski
Projects Director

Andy Roberts
Finance Manager

Elizabeth Campling
Communications Officer

Ruth Grove-White
Project Officer

Romy Danflous
Project Officer
Police and Roma

Council and Board Members

Council – European Dialogue

Michael Smart Chair
Alan Sealy Secretary
Michael Newman Member
Marija Anteric Member  

Board – European Dialogue Limited 

Michael Smart Director
Michael Newman Director
Alan Sealy Director
Andy Roberts Company Secretary

Annual Report

Annual Report 2005/2006 (202kb)


European Dialogue's current funders are:

Barrow Cadbury Trust
British Government Home Office
British Government Communities and Local Government
European Commission’s European Initiative for Democracy and Human Rights
Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights – Contact Point for Roma and Sinti Issues